Puppet Building Tutorials and Patterns

Having a blast building your own puppet? Check out these resources for help, puppet patterns, tips, tricks, and inspiration. 

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts has wonderful courses on puppet making. BJ Guyer takes you from start to finish on building a hand rod puppet. Plus, there's videos on so many different types of art forms that only enhance your building skills. Well worth the subscription.


Get tips and tricks from the best in the business. Their Youtube channel is filled with building tutorials, interviews, and whole bunch of shenanigans. 

Project Puppet

Project Puppet has a wonderful series of patterns with clear easy-to-follow instructions and patterns. Great for beginners and professionals alike. 

Puppet Building World

Puppet Building World by Possum Woods Puppets is a great place for puppet patterns, how-tos and videos.