Onyx Ultrasuede ST 18" x 58"


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Soft, tactile appeal perfectly complements the sturdy dependability of ultra-microfiber in Ultrasuede® ST.

Natural-looking suede surface.
A soft, plush hand with a sensuous feel.
Carefree durability and resilience.
Superior resistance to crocking, pilling, fraying, stretching and shrinking.
Firm colorfastness.

Ultrasuede is sold in half yard (18" x58") increments and cut in one continuous piece. If you would like to order more than 18" please change the quantity in  "Quantity" box above. For example:

18" x 58" = 1
36" x 58" = 2
54" x 58" = 3

Width: 58"
Collection: Ultrasuede
Composition: 65% polyester ultra-microfiber non-woven with 35% non-fibrous polyurethane binder