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Dyes with Rit Dyes, Rit Dymore Dyes, and acid dyes.
Fuzzelle™ is the perfect Pelt for your puppet or mascot. It has properties similar to the original Antron Fleece or Muppet Fleece that was discontinued in 2006. It is modeled after a Malden Mills textile that was used on puppets in the 1970s. It dyes beautifully with Rit or Acid dyes, and is a bit stretchy.

Fuzzelle™ is sold in increments of 1 yard (36" x 63") and cut in one continuous piece. If you would like to order 2 yards enter 2 in the "Quantity" box above. For example:

36" x 63" = 1
72" x 63" = 2
108" x 63" = 3

Dyes with: Rit Dye, Rit DyeMore, Acid dyes
Collection: Fuzzelle™
Weight/Material/Width: 100% nylon, 63"